Achieve excellence in key account management

Successful key account management (KAM) is vital for any business seeking to achieve above-average market growth. Optimization of key account management starts with systematically managing key customers – a task that spans every facet of your business.

The “St. Gallen KAM concept” is our proven tool for orienting your key account management around your major customers and giving it an even more professional veneer thanks to our expertise and many years of experience in rolling out the concept in multiple sectors.

Manage small customers in a smart way

Small customers are synonymous with low volumes and high management costs. The challenge with such businesses is to balance earnings and expenditure while tapping into untouched growth potential. To do so, you need to think of your small customers as large customers: using our Smart Account Management method – which we developed in house – we streamline the way you manage your small customers, helping you to create a suitable, productive framework for optimizing cooperation.