Don’t leave your success in a particular market to chance: we can help you pinpoint where to deploy your resources and how to cluster your target markets based on the potential they offer. Working closely together with your product management, marketing and sales teams, we develop country-specific market strategies, so you can achieve the growth you seek.

What we do to ensure all-round success:

  • Develop suitable strategies for entering or cornering markets
  • Optimize coordination between local and central sales units
  • Create capacity by achieving an ideal trade-off between your local branches and headquarters
  • Determine the right degree of specialization for your sales department and define the sales team you need
  • Implement a defining organizational principle to ensure efficient market development
  • Ensure a professional approach on a centralized basis by paving the way for sales excellence


Performance indicators are a speedometer, not a compass

Indicators can be used for corporate governance when they are aligned to the corporate strategy and take account of all relevant aspects. To provide meaningful information for measuring performance, these indicators need to be consistent over a longer period and allow for precise forecasts. In other words, the right metrics differ from business to business and go beyond purely financial performance indicators.

We empower you to realign all your management processes, including planning, objectives, forecasts, reporting and measures. A comprehensive performance indicator system is indispensable for monitoring and controlling success at all levels. We also provide you with tried-and-trusted tools such as marketing and sales cockpits, dashboards and account plans.