How can we boost the impact of sales by focusing consistently on customers?

IWB supplies the Basel region of Switzerland with electricity, energy and water, and offers a wide range of energy and telecommunications solutions beyond the canton’s borders, too. IWB aspires to provide comprehensive supply solutions that facilitate the efficient, environmentally friendly and economical use of energy.

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The challenge

The Swiss energy market is undergoing major changes, not least decarbonization, digitalization, decentralization and the imminent complete liberalization of the electricity market. All aspects present stiff challenges for energy suppliers. To be successful in the face of increasing competition, IWB is seeking to focus more on customers and provide needs-based solutions, which is why the company approached us to create a basis for differentiated and digital end-to-end customer management.

The solution

We conducted a Sales Performance Check to evaluate the effectiveness of IWB’s existing sales approach. Based on the results of the check, we established the kum@iwb project to better align IWB’s structures, processes and port-folio with the needs of its customers. Within five subprojects, cross-functional teams developed company-specific solutions, with the members being coached intensively by our experts to optimize how the results can complement each other. In addition, the Center for Industrial Marketing assumed responsibility for program management to ensure continuous progress and integration with other projects.

The result

IWB now has clearly defined customer groups, paving the way for differentiated, segment-specific management. A consistent end-to-end process for customer management prevents system discontinuities and crystallizes the responsibilities of the relevant departments. Modular product and service frameworks have likewise been developed to address customer needs more effectively in the future. In addition, the sales team is continuously involved in the concept work and receives targeted training, thus allowing the project results to be applied directly in day-to-day business and increasing the sales team’s overall effectiveness.

We have created new sales structures to coordinate the provision of products and services to our customers. The Center for Industrial Marketing accompanied us on this journey, assisting us with the concept and methods.

Dr. Markus Balmer
Head of Sales IWB