The Center for Industrial Marketing adds a new dimension to Key Clinic and Partner Management at Helsana

Helsana is one of Switzerland’s largest health insurance companies, with over two million policyholders receiving insurance coverage annually. The insurance provider approached the Center for Industrial Marketing to help it align its management methods with its customers’ needs more effectively. The main goal: to add a new dimension to the health insurance company’s Key Clinic and Partner Management.

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The challenge

Customer requirements are becoming ever more discerning, market concentration is increasing, and innovative solutions need to be highly profitable – all good reasons why Helsana was on the lookout for new approaches to the provision of its healthcare services. These approaches are based on complex processes, with the interaction between the patient, hospital and insurer at the heart of everything.

The solution

On behalf of Helsana, we transformed the tried-and-trusted St. Gallen KAM concept into a Key Clinic Management approach that the insurance provider has since adopted – and added an all-new dimension to the Swiss healthcare sector as a result. In doing so, Helsana has motivated all stakeholders in the healthcare market to take advantage of universal services, processes and standards. In a second phase, this new form of cooperation was rolled out among other service providers. It is now managed inclusively within the scope of Key Partner Management.

The result

Key Clinic Management prioritizes benefits and quality in the interests of policyholders. At the same time, we incorporated service quality, patient satisfaction, new services and general improvements into the day-to-day operations. The concept focuses on economic incentives, meaning better purchasing conditions thanks to larger market shares. As service providers, the clinics involved were able to benefit greatly from economies of scale, better predictability, efficient processes and fresh impetus for innovation. The Center for Industrial Marketing and the University of St. Gallen received an award from the Swiss Leadership Forum honoring their work on this concept.

We adapted the tried-and-tested St. Gallen KAM concept to the healthcare sector and our requirements, allowing us to add genuine value for our policyholders.

Peter Graf
Former Head of Service Purchasing at Helsana AG